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There’s a key difference between “most popular” and “most trendy.” Obviously, the most popular kitchen cabinet color is white. But, that’s a little boring. So, let’s talk about a particularly trendy color choice: mint green. While it’s not the right fit : for every kitchen, more and more homeowners are turning to this light, subtle green shade for their kitchens, , incorporating it into wall paint, their tile backsplash, and even their cabinets. After: Dyer was very strategic about changing the kitchen’s layout in the existing footprint, so as to disturb the home as little as possible. Dyer allocated the new entry to an existing niche in the dining room, saving and reinstalling the woodwork, and putting red oak inlays at the floor to mark the new threshold. The opening frames a beckoning view of the kitchen, as well as the striking new windows over the sink.small kitchen renos8226 6 Jerilynns Under-$5000 Totally Renovated Kitchen 8211 Heres another entry from the Small Cool Kitchens contest. Jerilynn remodeled her Indianapolis kitchen, transforming it from a rather hideously outdated space into something much more posh and modern, , with a more practical flow for real cooking. She and her husband did much of the installation , themselves, and shopped for scratch-and-dent appliances, which kept their budget under $5000. From insightful plans to how to guides, learn about all things kitchen renovation. Close</li><li>StyleStyle If you don't want to undertake a complete small kitchen renovation then Paradise Kitchens have an option for semi-renovations for you, which will include replacement of single cabinets, or replacement of only doors or just kitchen benchtop. Whether you want to reface, replace or just paint, we can perform it with a professional touch.custom kitchen remodel costFor those looking to remodel their kitchen within a tight budget there are several options including using an inexpensive countertop material like butcher block, refacing existing cabinets, adding new paint to existing cabinets, replacing existing floors with a laminate or other , affordable material. And a fresh paint job can do wonders to refresh a kitchen. Using particleboard instead of plywood where it won’t be seen, doing the demolition of the kitchen yourself and other money-savers can help you get the kitchen of your dreams but without going into debt to do it. Kitchen remodels are one of the most popular, and also one of the most satisfying, home remodels. A fresh kitchen design not only updates your home and increases resale value, it can make your kitchen a more functional, compelling epicenter of your home. But one of the first questions homeowners will consider when planning a kitchen remodel will be price what they can expect to pay, and more importantly, what they can afford."""""""


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